Extreme Poverty: You Can Make a Difference


Givers by Design is a Christian organization
dedicated to bringing you the resources and tools you need
to take informed, generous, and effective action
in making a lasting difference for the world’s poorest people.

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What you will find on this site:

Effective Giving Empowers - Make a Difference!Straightforward and useful toolsto equip believers and their churches for responsible and effective stewardship aimed at serving the world’s poorest people.

Effective Giving Empowers - Make a Difference!Insightful articles focused on effective giving, in which we consider how to ensure that our gifts make a lasting difference for the least and last.

Effective Giving Empowers - Make a Difference!A collection of compelling resources, thoughtfully selected to inform the curious and equip the committed; the majority of these resources are free.

Effective Giving Empowers - Make a Difference!Biblically grounded blogs for discussionwhere we will examine the problem of extreme poverty, the biblical mandate for helping the poor, and the Christian response.




Givers by Design works to inform, inspire, and equip the Christian community
for a more faithful and effective response to the problem of extreme poverty.

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