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These Christian organizations concentrate effective efforts in narrowly targeted, but critical, arenas that either plug the gaps in typical development efforts, or compliment and support the development efforts of other organizations working to bring transformation to those living in extreme poverty.

Engineering Ministries International …  This highly specialized organization brings their expertise in infrastructure design to client NGO’s, national organizations, and independent ministries working in the developing world to serve the poor.  More >

One of the hallmarks of the developing world is a lack of infrastructure that often serves to deny access to basic necessities that the poor need to work their way out of extreme poverty.  Basing its efforts on a firmly missional foundation, Engineering Ministries Int’l (EMI) provides professional infrastructure design services to organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and Food for the Hungry, as well as in-country organizations, many of which are Christian.  Design projects include hospitals, schools, and orphanages, as well as large-scale electric and water supply systems; all projects are carefully vetted for feasibility and sustainability.  EMI helps organizations serving the poor to leverage their work for greater reach and effectiveness, since the expertise required for such projects would ordinarily be beyond the reach of these organizations.

To date, EMI has completed over 1000 of these projects in over 90 countries – projects that make a transforming difference for the poor.  Support for EMI enables the work of infrastructure design professionals who donate their time for these projects, which in turn enables the work of organizations (many of whom are on our list) serving the poor… a sort of “double leverage” focused on building capacity in a very tangible sense.

In addition to opportunities for individual support, Engineering Ministries Int’l provides a unique opportunity for groups or churches looking to make a difference, in that an entire design project can be fully funded for less than one might imagine… for more info,

Sector:  Niche/Other – Engineering Services

Organization Size:  Medium — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
$3,000,000 to $20,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  brochure,
past projects,
current projects,

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Contact Information:  visit, contact  


More information (programs and financial accountability) about Engineering Ministries Int’l
is available from the following organizations:
X   Charity Navigator      Charity Watch / AIP  (fee)
X   Guidestar      BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
     Ministry Watch X   ACCORD Network member
X   Intelligent Philanthropy  (fee) X   ECFA


Free Wheelchair Mission …   This organization’s mission is one of very personal compassion:  providing the gift of life-changing mobility to the disabled poor.  More >

The Free Wheelchair Mission supplies fully functional, durable wheelchairs suitable for use in the harsh conditions of extreme poverty in over 85 countries around the world.  Distribution of the wheelchairs, always free to end users, is achieved through numerous partner organizations (such as World Vision) who are actively working in these regions.  To ensure effectiveness, distribution is carefully monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

For the disabled living in extreme poverty, lack of mobility isolates them from community life, prohibits access to basic necessities, and effectively denies them the opportunity to rise above their poverty.  The gift of mobility brought by a free wheelchair is incredibly empowering in the most basic sense, bringing with it a very tangible independence, dignity, and hope.  For under $75, donors can quite literally change a life – quite an impact!

Sector:  Niche/Other — Disabled Poor

Organization Size:  Medium — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
$3,000,000 to $20,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  background
why wheelchairs
opportunities for involvement

Annual Report / Financial Statements:  

Awards of Note:  Ministry Watch Shining Light award, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Contact Information:  visit, contact


More information (program and financial accountability) about the Free Wheelchair Mission
is available from the following organizations:
X   Charity Navigator      Charity Watch / AIP  (fee)
X   Guidestar      BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
X   Ministry Watch*      ACCORD Network member
X   Intelligent Philanthropy  (fee) X   ECFA
* Shining Light award, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011



Micah Challenge USA …   Givers by Design recommends this organization for the resources it offers to those who wish to seriously mobilize for the fight to end extreme poverty.   More >

Micah Challenge is a worldwide effort (50 countries) advocating for serious action on the part of governments, institutions, churches, and individuals on the Millennium Development Goals (to halve extreme poverty by 2015) adopted by 189 United Nations member countries in the year 2000. In the US, Micah challenge is a program of the Accord Network, which serves Christian organizations and churches involved in this vision to achieve the highest standards, principles and effectiveness in relief and development.

At the Micah Challenge USA site, you can join your voice to millions of others in focused advocacy, guided prayer, and living justly. You can also find excellent resources for activism and awareness, as well as individual and small group studies. Of course, you can also donate to help further the ministry.

For an excellent introduction to Micah Challenge USA, go to

Start> …   Launch your church or small group on the road to being the hands and feet of Christ;
Start> is a dynamic 6-week DVD curriculum aimed at mobilizing Christians to make a difference in a needy world. More >

Produced by World Vision and Zondervan, this DVD based curriculum, with it’s accompanying study guide, draws on an impressive line-up of respected Christian leaders, including Jon Ortberg, Desmond Tutu, Eugene Peterson, Kay Warren, Chuck Colson, Rich Stearns, Jim Wallis, Gary Haugen, and Philip Yancey, just to name a few. Titled “Becoming a Good Samaritan,” this action oriented series takes an inspiring look at the question: How different would the world be if the Church of Jesus Christ became the lead voice on issues of poverty and injustice? Tools and resources for church leaders are also available. This organization is different – instead of asking for our financial support, Start> provides tools to turn hearts and minds to God’s work among the least and last… the leverage opportunities here are significant!

Sector: Niche/Other – Christian Education, Inspiration, and Advocacy concerning Poverty and Injustice

Organization Size:  Emerging — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
less than $1,000,000 annually

Key Webpages: dvd session previews
church campaign tools
suggested small group package

Contact Information: visit, contact


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