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Solutions to Extreme Poverty:
Agriculture and Hunger

Christian organizations known for effective work in this sector labor to fight hunger and malnutrition by training villagers in improved agricultural techniques. Such training is often supplemented with disease resistant, drought tolerant, or higher yielding seed stock. Improved methods, yields, and diversification result in better nutrition, which in turn impacts learning abilities in children and economic opportunity in adults. Best practices include sensitivity to impacts on local environments, as well as designing solutions consistent with established cultural norms.

Bread for the World …   This advocacy organization is dedicated to giving Christians a collective voice in urging our nation’s policymakers to take action in ending hunger around the world.  More >

Bread for the World’s grassroots advocacy efforts account for most of the constituent lobbying done in the United States on behalf of the overseas hungry.  According to a recent World Bank Report, “In the contemporary United States, few can rival the voice and energy of Bread for the World, a citizens’ group inspired by its Christian faith to lead the cause to end hunger.”   A sister organization, Bread for the World Institute, devotes itself to educating policymakers, opinion leaders, and the general public on global hunger issues via careful policy analysis and strategies research.  Together, these two organizations’ education and advocacy efforts have had a significant impact on the United States government’s role in addressing world hunger.

Though financial donations help these organizations to make greater impact, what Bread for the World really wants is for you to add your voice to that of many thousands of other concerned Christians; see

Primary Sector:  Agriculture and Hunger (Advocacy only)

Organization Size:  Medium — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling $3,000,000 to $20,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  hunger portal,
about Bread for the World,
about the Institute:

Annual Reports and Financial Statements:
Important Note:  contributions to Bread for the World are not tax deductable since it is a lobbying organization.  Contributions to Bread for the World Institute (the research and education arm) are tax deductable.

Contact Information:  visit, contact


More information (program and financial accountability) about Bread for the World
is available from the following organizations:
X   Charity Navigator X   Charity Watch / AIP  (fee)
X   Guidestar X   BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
X   Ministry Watch X   ACCORD Network member
     Intelligent Philanthropy (fee)       ECFA
*variously listed under Bread for the World, or Bread for the World Institute.


Echo, Inc …  This high-impact organization’s mission is to help those working internationally with the poor to be more effective in designing and implementing improved agricultural techniques and solutions.  More>

ECHO’s research work focuses on developing both agricultural techniques and resources that actually work, providing climate appropriate, culturally relevant solutions that bring improved agricultural yields to some of the toughest environments on earth.  Their extensive knowledge base, experienced technical support, and seed bank resources have helped community leaders, missionaries, and international development workers in 180 countries to bring sustainable, improved nutrition and economic opportunity to the rural poor.

ECHO’s model has proven to be incredibly effective for a number of reasons.  In their research, they have relied extensively on the knowledge and experience of indigenous farmers from all over the globe.  Rather than approaching their work as “teaching” farming, they empower for better results.  Since much of their research is driven by problem solving requests from workers in the field, they are able to empower development workers and subsistence farmers for better results in specific conditions.  In turn, these solutions can then be spread to similar environments, and modified to suit differences in others.  This organization’s impact is very highly leveraged in that the best practices, solutions, technologies, and resources they develop are disseminated by others – the international development agencies and workers on the ground around the world.

Because of this incredible leverage, ECHO is one of our very favorite organizations.  If you like the idea of building capacity in those who work to empower the rural poor, then supporting this organization may be one of the most effective investments you can make.

Primary Sector:  Agriculture and Hunger (research/resource)

Organization Size:  Small — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
$1,000,000 to $3,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  world hunger
programs portal

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Contact Information:  visit, contact


More information (program and financial accountability) about ECHO, Inc
is available from the following organizations:
X   Charity Navigator      Charity Watch / AIP  (fee)
X   Guidestar      BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
X   Ministry Watch X   ACCORD Network member
X   Intelligent Philanthropy  (fee) X   ECFA


Plant with Purpose …  Individuals and communities graced with PWP’s work benefit from true capacity-building via improved agricultural techniques that bring substantial economic benefits to families while restoring degraded environments to improve the entire community’s long-term viability.   More >

We’ve witnessed this organization’s work on the ground in the Dominican Republic ourselves… exemplary! Plant with Purpose recognizes the relationship between environmental degradation and rural poverty, and takes well researched steps to help communities break out of the cycle by restoring land to productivity in a sustainable and economically beneficial manner. Another remarkably effective program underway in many of the villages PWP serves is a best in class model for participant-owned savings and loans associations…. an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool for bringing economic opportunity to families and building capacity in the community. Spiritual leadership and support for church relationships are woven throughout all of PWP’s programs. Perhaps best of all, PWP willingly puts in the extra work necessary to avoid giving dependency-creating handouts, preferring instead to coach and empower while insisting on full community participation and ownership in all phases of work.

Primary Sectors: Agriculture and Hunger; also, significant work in MicroEnterprise Development and MicroFinance, Spiritual Development

Organization Size:  Medium — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling $3,000,000 to $20,000,000 annually

Key Webpages: approach overview;
stories from the field;
impact report (Haiti)

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Awards and Articles of note: Plant with Purpose (formerly known as Floresta) was named as a Ministry Watch 2008 Shining Light; read feature article here.

Contact information: visit,
email, call 800-633-5319

More information (program and financial accountability) about Plant with Purpose
is available from the following organizations:
X Charity Navigator    Charity Watch / AIP (fee)
X Guidestar    BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
X Ministry Watch X ACCORD Network member
X Intelligent Philanthropy (fee) X ECFA

see also…  Many organizations listed under Comprehensive Community Development do effective, significant work in the Agriculture and Hunger sector.


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