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Solutions to Extreme Poverty:
Fighting Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Christian organizations known for effective work in this sector labor to remove people from numerous forms of human trafficking, slavery, and exploitation, following up with aftercare that heals and empowers for a new life. Best practices include targeted systemic changes to reduce incidence and holistic approaches to healing and vocational training, which serve to address the extreme poverty that is often at the root of these issues.

ChildVoice International… A small, sharply focused organization healing the most vulnerable and broken, one by one.   More >

ChildVoice International’s interventions amongst girls abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda has been incredibly successful; with this track record in place, they are ready to move to other difficult areas, like the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Southern Sudan. These interventions focus on girls who have been forced to act as child soldiers for the LRA, enduring sexual slavery and witnessing unimaginable atrocities; many now have children of their own. ChildVoice’s interventions include intensive counseling, literacy, lifeskills, vocational training, and shared income generating projects. The war-torn villages into which these girls are reintegrated receive development help with education and healthcare, water/sanitation/hygiene programs, and economic development projects. Here’s a chance to make a very personal difference; this organization brings profound healing and hope to the individuals and communities it serves.

Primary Sector: Exploitation and Oppression

Organization Size:  Emerging — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling less than $1,000,000 annually

Key Webpages: background

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Financial, Transparency, and Accountability Information: see at Guidestar
(of note — Summary, Financial, and Programs tabs)

Contact Information:, contact


International Justice Mission…   This fast growing, capable, well known organization is at the forefront of the Christian response to human trafficking and other forms of brutal abuse.  More >

Under the leadership of Gary Haugen, former director of the UN genocide investigation in Rwanda, the International Justice Mission works to rescue and rehabilitate victims of violent oppression such as child slavery and sexual exploitation.  Since 2005, over 10,000 victims have been released from bondage and received aftercare.  However, the IJM’s work does not stop there; IJM devotes significant resources to ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice and working for structural changes that serve to prevent violent oppression of the poor.  In the not-too-distant future, the IJM’s already significant impact may well be measured both in terms of victims rescued and oppression prevented!  To learn more about the IJM’s efforts, read this excellent report from the Charting Impact project in 2011…

The International Justice Mission was formed as an explicitly Christian response to the Scriptural mandate for helping those who cannot rely on their cultural institutions for relief from injustice and violent oppression; currently, the IJM has permanent field offices in 16 countries, with a staff of over 500 trained workers, 95% of whom are indigenous.  The IJM receives and acts on field reports of human trafficking and abuse from countless overseas evangelical ministries and missionaries.  The IJM not only rescues victims and provides rehabilitative aftercare, but also brings cases to trial (425 in 2011), conducts police and prosecutor trainings, helps local authorities close down human trafficking operations, and works for systemic changes to both laws and local justice systems to guarantee access for the poor who, by virtue of their poverty, are least able to protect themselves.

The International Justice Mission is distinctive because of its demonstrated ability to prompt structural change that results in less incidence of human trafficking…. this organization’s work carries with it an enormous potential for far reaching change.

Primary Sector:  Exploitation and Oppression

Organization Size:  Large — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
$20,000,000 to $100,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  the problem,

Awards of Note:  Ministry Watch Shining Light award, 2010 and 2011.

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Contact Information:  visit, contact


More information (program and financial accountability) about the
International Justice Mission is available from the following organizations:
X   Charity Navigator      Charity Watch / AIP  (fee)
X   Guidestar *      BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
X   Ministry Watch *      ACCORD Network member
X   Intelligent Philanthropy  (fee) X   ECFA
* Excellent program information is available on both of these sites

see also…   Many organizations listed under Comprehensive Community Development do effective, significant work in the Exploitation and Human Trafficking sector.    


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2 Responses to Christian Organizations – Exploitation

  1. joshua larbi says:

    i would like to work with your N G O to help fight child trafficking in my country.thanks

    • Moderator says:

      Thank you for your interest, Joshua. Givers by Design works to provide potential donors with the information they need in order to find the best organizations in the fight against extreme poverty. If you are interested in taking action against human trafficking, contact International Justice Mission; you will find their contact information at the end of their review on this page.

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