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Solutions to Extreme Poverty:

Christian organizations known for effective work in this sector labor to make a primary grades education more widely available to those living in extreme poverty. Basic education and literacy skills have long been identified as the key to unlocking the opportunity to rise above extreme poverty for entire regions. Best practices include ensuring community buy-in and addressing issues that may contribute to lack of access to primary grades schooling.

Haiti Partners …   This organization takes a focused, intentional approach to building capacity in one of the toughest places on earth… Haiti Partners helps Haitians change Haiti through education.   More >

Haiti Partners brings profoundly empowering, capacity-building programs to schools, churches, and community organizations to directly address the systemic cultural barriers to improvement in basic living conditions. Drawing on many years of experience on the ground in Haiti, and working with an impressive array of NGO, church, school, and corporate partners, Haiti Partners directs its efforts into developing Haiti’s greatest untapped resource – Haitians themselves.

Acting on this belief, Haiti Partners focuses on bringing high quality educational opportunities for the children who will become tomorrow’s community leaders. A second focal point is leadership development in a wide variety of school, church, an community organization settings. Working together with those they serve, Haiti Partners has developed programs that get results, are sustainable, and are replicable. To date, these programs have empowered thousands of school children, church, and community leaders for systemic, long-term change that can be reproduced around the country.

Haiti Partners offers a wide variety of impactful opportunities for involvement and support. Decades of experience have proven that simply dumping aid into Haiti only perpetuates dependency; Haiti Partners brings Haitians the grassroots tools they need to lift themselves and their country out of instability and poverty.

Primary Sector: Education

Organization Size:  Small — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
$1,000,000 to $3,000,000 annually

Key Webpages: programs
involvement opportunities

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Financial, Transparency, and Accountability Information: see at Guidestar

Contact Information: visit, contact


India Partners …   This organization works to bring hope for a brighter tomorrow to those trapped by injustice and poverty by partnering with indigenous organizations to bring opportunities for life changing education and training.  More >

The hands and feet of Christ are already present and working in India, in the form of the many projects and helping agencies that the indigenous church there spins off.  India Partners understands the wisdom and effectiveness of partnering with these “rice roots” organizations, who already know who to help and how to best help them – all without the cultural barriers usually faced by western ministries.  By coming alongside these indigenous Christian organizations, India Partners brings the resources and added expertise to help them extend their reach and make their work with the oppressed more effective.

The focus of India Partners’ work is equipping the least and last for self-help and self-sufficiency.  The majority of their partnership projects (and program outlays) focus on creating education and/or vocational training opportunities for those typically excluded from such opportunities  — low-caste peoples, the disabled poor, orphans, and widows.  Notably, these education efforts are supported with the basics (food, water, shelter) often needed to make them work.

In order to better serve their indigenous partner organizations, India Partners works collaboratively with other Christian NGO’s when advantageous, including (on our list) World Vision, Blessings Int’l, Bright Hope Int’l, MAP Int’l, Medical Teams Int’l, and World Concern.

Well targeted, culturally appropriate education and training truly empowers these culturally oppressed, seriously disadvantaged people for self-sufficiency.  Programs are closely monitored and evaluated; evidence of impact can be seen in the high rates of employment among those who graduate from India Partners’ programs.

Primary Sector:  Education

Organization Size:  Emerging — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling less than $1,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  indigenous partnerships
teacher sponsorship

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Contact Information: visit, contact


More information (program and financial accountability) about India Partners
is available from the following organizations:
     Charity Navigator      Charity Watch / AIP  (fee)
X   Guidestar      BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
     Ministry Watch X   ACCORD Network member
     Intelligent Philanthropy  (fee) X   ECFA

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