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Solutions to Extreme Poverty:

Christian organizations known for effective work in this sector focus their efforts on responses to AIDS/HIV impacted regions.  In addition to being an enormous problem in its own right, high infection rates among the poor seriously limit development potential in areas like education and economic opportunity.  One often overlooked dimension of this virus is the large number of orphans that the epidemic produces. Best practices include a holistic (versus treatment only) approach to improving the lives of HIV affected persons.

Christ’s Hope International… This small but impactful organization offers supporters the chance to make a direct, personal difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) produced by the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.   More >

Christ’s Hope understands that institutionalizing these orphans is both expensive and ineffective in producing positive change; by working to provide and monitor family settings for them, the children and the communities involved are brought healing and hope for a productive – and AIDS free – future. Christ’s Hope works through existing community structures to raise up indigenous teams that create the networks and resources to help local families provide homes for OVC’s. Christ’s hope works together with these indigenous teams and partner churches in the US to co-design and implement projects that provide for the physical, social, spiritual, and educational needs of AIDS-orphaned children, including sponsorships to help provide family settings for orphans, education, and AIDS prevention. To date, Christ’s Hope has educated over 250,000 children to be “Cycle-Breakers” to build a brighter future for sub-Saharan Africa.

Christ’s Hope International’s delivery model is unique and effective. “Champions” help to fund new Ministry Carepoints, strategically located in communities with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and a correspondingly great need for the care and nurture of OVC’s. Ministry Partners are US churches who commit to supporting and helping with the work of a particular Ministry Carepoint – with guidance and support from Christ’s Hope, these church partnerships are among the most vibrant and personally connected projects that a church can undertake. In addition to the co-design and implementation of Carepoint projects, Ministry Partners (churches) provide opportunities for child sponsorships within that Carepoint community.  Note — individual donors can best support Christ’s Hope programs by donating to the Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children fund; this fund fills the gap when Ministry Partners are unable to completely fund the work of a given Carepoint.  For more information on how Christ’s Hope’s ministry model works, see the “champions” link below.

Whether you support Christ’s Hope as a child sponsor, ministry donor, champion a ministry carepoint, or investigate the possibilities for an amazing church partnership, you will be making a very personal difference with effects that will spread throughout the region for years to come.

Primary Sector: HIV/AIDS affected children

Organization Size:  Emerging — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
less than $1,000,000 annually

Key Webpages: carepoints
church partnerships

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

Contact Information: visit, contact 

More information (program and financial accountability) about Christ’s Hope
is available from the following organizations:
   Charity Navigator    Charity Watch / AIP (fee)
X Guidestar    BBB / Wise Giving Alliance
   Ministry Watch    ACCORD Network member
X Intelligent Philanthropy (fee) X ECFA


Faith Alive Foundation – Nigeria …   This small but incredibly vibrant and effective organization has really raised the bar for holistic ministry among those living with AIDS/HIV.   More >

Operating in Jos, Nigeria, Faith Alive was conceived and built by Dr. Christian Isichei, a Mayo Clinic educated physician who chose to forego a lucrative practice in the US in response to God’s call on his life to serve those suffering the far-reaching effects of AIDS in his home country of Nigeria.  Under Dr. Chris’ energetic guidance, the Faith Alive ministry has grown over the last 10 years from a one person effort in a four room apartment to an internationally recognized medical and social services center with a three floor hospital complex, three satellite clinics, and a committed team of 150 servant-hearted staff members.

Faith Alive works to address more than just the medical needs that the 500 AIDS/HIV patients served (at no charge) by the clinic each day.  Their thorough care network also addresses home-based care, transitional housing needs, provision for nutrition and necessities, vocational training and micro-lending, school sponsorships, and counseling, support group, and discipleship programs.  Faith Alive is a vibrant and effective agent of transforming hope serving those who would otherwise have none.

Primary Sectors:  AIDS/HIV; also, hunger and malnutrition, micro-enterprise development, education

Organization Size:  Emerging — programs are supported by cash contributions totaling
less than $1,000,000 annually

Key Webpages:  under development

Annual Report / Financial Statements:

New opportunities to support this dynamic ministry are currently under development; please check back next year.

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