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Concerning the award-winning book “The Hole in Our Gospel” and the Christian response to extreme poverty:

From the Life Center, Spokane, WA:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Message from Rich Stearns

Reprise, pt 1 Reprise, pt 2

From 1st Presbyterian Church, Ft. Collins, CO:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Complete Sermon Notes for “The Hole in Our Gospel — Six Week Quest”, from


Concerning the biblical mandate for helping the poor:

Answering the Call…  highlights the scriptural imperative for taking compassionate action; pdf format.  For audio, click here.

Have you heard or read an interesting, informative, or inspiring sermon on the subject of serving the least and last? We would love to add it to this collection; send us a link to the sermon text, video, or podcast at Thank You!


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Books and Studies

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Let My Heart Be Broken… a must see — the essence of The Hole in Our Gospel, powerfully captured in this dramatic reading – beautiful and inspiring; from Life Center, Spokane, WA; via, (7:13)

Transforming Lives… explores community ownership of development process; from World Vision Church Resources, (17:22)

Precious in His Sight… the realities of global poverty as it affects children; from World Vision Church Resources, (9:00)

Journey of Transformation… long term results of a holistic approach to helping the poor; from World Vision Church Resources, (11:34)

Blessed to be a Blessing…  reflections on our role in building for the kingdom, audio only;  from (4:09)

Six Week Quest DVD… six amazing segments, great bonus material, with Richard Stearns, Bill Hybels, Max Lucado, and more; clear and compelling — extraordinary material for study or inspiration, highly recommended; $4.99 to $6.99 depending on quantity; purchase from (3 hrs +)


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