Accord Network Standards… standards and principles for best practice in Christian NGOs:

Are American Evangelicals Stingy?, various authors compiled by Ruth Moon, from Christianity Today… observations on Christian giving:

Balancing Giving to Church and Para-Church Organizations, by Harvey Nowland, from Focus on the Family… considers the question of biblical giving as it relates to para-church organizations:

Book Summary — The Hole in Our Gospel, from Givers by Design…  an overview of Richard Stearns’ award winning book, written not as a replacement, but in the hope that you will want to read this excellent book for yourself: 

Cost-Effective Compassion: The 10 Most Popular Strategies for Helping the Poor, by Bruce Wydick, Christianity Today… examines the question of impact as it relates to various programs aiming to help the poor in developing countries:

Donor-Directed Giving, at Givers by Design… using our gifts to most effectively engage our churches with the problem of extreme poverty:

When “Effectiveness” Is Not Effective, by Richard Stearns, from Christianity Today…  asks if blind focus on effectiveness might preclude Christian compassion:

Eight Rungs of the Giving Ladder, from CharityWatch, formerly American Institute of Philanthropy… thought provoking questions about the motivations behind our giving:

Helping Well, at Givers by Design… effective giving means consideration of best practices for bringing transformational change to the desperately poor:

How Much of My Dollar Actually Gets to Children?, by Larry Probus, CFO, World Vision, video (2:28) from World Vision US… well developed infrastructure means $1 in, $1.40 out:

How Saving Ten Cents Became the Catalyst for Church Ministry, by Peter Greer, from Live58…  a clear and compelling example of the difference between a hand-out and a hand-up:

Measuring Impact is not just for Larger Charities, by Sophie Hudson, from The Guardian… the challenges of measuring impact for smaller charities:

Open Letter to Church Leadership, at Givers by Design… calls the Church to actively champion the work of the Para-Church:

Outcomes — Greater Scrutiny of NGOs Demands Leaders’ Focus on HQ Effectiveness, by Richard Stearns, President, World Vision US, from Christian Leadership Alliance… in the quest for true effectiveness, NGO leadership must focus on more than simple overhead ratios commonly used by ratings organizations:

Relief and Development, by Steve Corbett and Dr. Brian Fikkert… in an article predating their landmark book “When Helping Hurts” the authors outline the basic distinctions between relief and development in the context of serving the poor:

Solving Poverty is Rocket Science, by Richard Stearns for Christianity Today (July 2013)… the president of World Vision US offers his insights into “Helping Well” — bringing sustainable, transformational change into the lives and communities of the world’s poor:

The Challenge of Measuring What Matters Most, by Ken Berger, President and CEO of Charity Navigator, from Ken’s Commentary… the need for results (or effectiveness) based reporting: 

The Overhead Myth, a formal statement and initiative from the leaders of Charity Navigator, Guidestar, and the BBB wise Giving Alliance… argues against the priority given to financial ratios in evaluating charity performance:

Three Lessons Learned from Generous Giving’s Stewardship Study Notes Project, anonymous, from MinistryWatch… an enlightening framework for biblical giving:

To Help Donors Choose, Web Site Alters How It Sizes Up Charities, by Stephanie Strom, from The New York Times…  potential donors desire information on effectiveness to guide them in their choice of charities to support:

Want to Change the World?  Sponsor a Child, by Bruce Wydick for Christianity Today (June 2013)… this article reports on the results and implications of a careful academic study on Compassion International’s child sponsorship programs:

Where Does Your Money Go?, by Chrissy Jeske, from Reject Apathy… thoughts on charity evaluation:

Where We Are Headed, from Charity Navigator… the next step in charity “rating” information for potential donors:

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