The Church can bring hope to the least and the lastIt's WorkingWe believe that a flood of Christian generosity towards the world’s poorest people
lies waiting to be released…

Waiting for the reasonable assurance 
that our sacrificial gifts can indeed make a real
and lasting difference.




Givers by Design is a Christian organization dedicated to bringing you the resources and tools you need to take informed, generous, and effective action in making a lasting difference for the world’s poorest people.



Givers by Design envisions a world in which followers of Christ take a lead role in eradicating extreme poverty.



We hope that you will join us in challenging ourselves, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and our churches to a more compassionate, generous, and faithful action in tangibly demonstrating God’s love for the least and the last.

you can make a lasting difference


Guiding Principles:

  • The risen Christ be honored in all that we do

  • The scriptural mandate for helping the poor applies to each of us,
    and to our churches

  • Assistance without the Word is futile, and the Word without assistance is inauthentic

  • There is practical wisdom in the adage “volunteer locally, give internationally”

  • Giving effectively is key not just to responsible stewardship, but to giving joyfully

  • Being saved is just the beginning of our story;  Each of us are built, and
    blessed, to be a blessing

  • What moves us?  Read Our Story.



Key Pages at Givers by Design:

  • Answering the Call — A Christian response to the Biblical Mandate for helping the least and last…
  • Helping WellEffective Giving: how to make a lasting difference for the world’s poorest people…
  • Top OrganizationsHigh Impact organizations focused on battling extreme poverty…
  • AdvocacyFree Tools to help you encourage your church to get involved…


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